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Data Sharing Management

Data sharing with customers and business partners is now an integral of business. Organizations that do not invest in sharing their data reliably lose goodwill with business partners and the developer community.

GovWizely offers development portal management services that enable you to concentrate on your core business while providing reliable service to your customers. As we enter this new age of AI and information sharing, the importance of such services will only increase.

Included Services

Customer Support

Catering to all levels of the development community requires good documentation and customer support. If you expect others to leverage your data, organizations must invest in rapidly answering questions such as:

  • “What’s my password?”
  • “Why am not not seeing what I expect?””
  • “Why are my results getting throttled?”

Providing customer service infrastructure is crucial for addressing common questions. Failure to do so can result in negative feedback, even if you have not made any mistakes. To ensure quality support for developer portals, GovWizely offers AI-driven chatbots to answer common questions, as well as a human-based infrastructure for Tier 2 requests.

Data caching

If other organizations integrate your data into their business environment and workflow, it is essential to ensure that it is delivered with high uptime and response speed. GovWizely’s API hosting infrastructure and data caching technologies provide your data in sub-second speeds. Having a data proxy relieves your engineers from managing data exchanges, similar to outsourcing static content to content delivery networks.

Security with a data proxy

Creating a “data proxy” for your customers allows organizations to share their data without security worries. By having a development portal with a firewall from your production systems, you can eliminate the risk of security breaches from your data assets that serve as the system of records.

Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT)

GovWizely works within an organization’s existing structure for developer portal management. We can manage your developer portal within your cloud provider of choice, or we can manage your portal as a Software as a Service (SaaS).