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Say NO to Garbage In Garbage Out (GIGO)

Clean data fuels AI

No Garbage: Your AI is What It Eats

As technology advances, one truth holds true: Garbage In, Garbage out (GIGO). Today’s AI models demand pristine data. If you feed your LLMs garbage, you will get garbage out of your AI applications. GovWizely helps organizations clean and refine your datasets for superior accuracy and reliable insights.

Rinse, Lather, and Repeat

Clean Data Pipelines

We build repeatable processes to ensure that as data flows through extract, transform, load (ETL) routines, organizations have confidence that the data has no errors and is up to date.

Data Integration

We specialize in leveraging other APIs to add value to your LLMs. Enhancing data with other relevant information will increase the power and relevance of your LLM for your organization.

We specialize in finding other relevant APIs to integrate with your data. Some examples include but not limited to ISO standards, product codes, etc.

Cloud agnostic

Whether or not your organization has decided Amazon, Google, or Microsft as your cloud provider, our code and processes will clean your data.